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Mark Vigneri

Professional Overview

Mark Vigneri, hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, holds dual roles as CEO and Company President, with a notable track record of spearheading the development of numerous enterprises from their inception. Presently, he directs his expertise towards the ambitious venture of EndPoint Environment and Infrastructure LLC. With a diverse skill set spanning research and development, environmental reclamation, construction management, and strategic business planning, Mark is a seasoned professional adept at navigating the multifaceted landscape of corporate leadership and innovation.

In his capacity as a CEO, Mark Vigneri has honed a wide array of skills throughout his professional journey. Among these, his interpersonal prowess stands out prominently, recognizing that effective leadership encompasses a myriad of dimensions. Over the years, Mark has cultivated his ability to connect with others, inspire teams, and navigate complex relationships with stakeholders. Such interpersonal acumen not only fosters cohesion within the organization but also facilitates productive collaborations and fosters a culture of trust and mutual respect.

Mark Vigneri has assumed numerous pivotal leadership positions throughout his career trajectory, each contributing to his extensive expertise and seasoned perspective. Notably, his most recent role encompassed serving as the President and CEO of Environmental Remediation and Financial Services, LLC, a position he held steadfastly for over a quarter-century. Transitioning from this illustrious tenure, Mark now occupies the role of President at EndPoint Environment and Infrastructure LLC, leveraging his wealth of experience to spearhead transformative initiatives within the organization.

Before this, Mark Vigneri worked as the Director of Mantech Environmental Corporation. Other roles Mark has held include Vice President of Sales & Marketing (Cleanox Environmental Services, Inc.), Senior Sales Representative (Digital Equipment Corporation & Harris Corporation), Technical Group Leader (Computer Consoles, Inc.), and Systems Sales Engineer (Progressive Systems, Inc.). The latter was one of the earliest professional roles Mark landed.

Looking at Mark Vigneri‘s professional history, one phrase keeps repeating: environmental remediation. Mark Vigneri is recognized for his expertise in environmental remediation, employing innovative strategies to mitigate environmental damage and restore ecosystems. With a commitment to sustainability, he leads efforts to address pollution, contamination, and ecological degradation, striving to leave a positive impact on the environment for future generations.

In January 2015, Mark Vigneri embarked on a new endeavor by accepting a position on the Board of Trustees for CleanLand Organization, a prominent public charitable institution in Sea Girt, New Jersey. Given Mark’s distinguished leadership and strategic management history, his appointment to oversee operations aligns seamlessly with his demonstrated expertise and commitment to driving impactful initiatives within the organization.

Outside of these professional endeavors, Mark Vigneri is a passionate tennis player. Mark Vigneri is an avid tennis enthusiast, finding balance and enjoyment on the court while pursuing excellence in both his professional and personal pursuits. For a time, he was even a professional tennis instructor and stringer. He worked with the American Tennis and Country Club for ten years, helping to spread his love of tennis to anyone looking for advice or coaching. 

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